Which B2B lead generation strategy you should choose

If you are running a business you surely will come across plenty of checkpoints where you will have to make important decisions on how you will run your business and ofcourse how you will pay for the whole show of keeping the wheel spin. 

One of those decisions that you will make or remake or review once a year or every six months is probably on the company’s budget and on the marketing strategy. 

There are plenty of options and combinations to make the marketing mix and fact is – no one can truly tell you what is the mix you should choose. It is up to you to decide what works best for you and this up to some point varies on the industry you are in.  

When making this decisions it is good to know the average numbers and do the comparison of costs. 

We will give you a short preview on cost comparison in this blog. 

Lead generation channelCost per Lead on average ($)
Events & Tradeshows811
Video Marketing174
LinkedIn advertising 75
Webinars 72
Display advertising63
Content marketing92
Traditional marketing (TV, Radio, Print)619
Search Engine Advertising 110
Email Marketing 53
Online retargeting31

First of all let’s define what is Cost per Lead. Cost per Lead is one of the most used metrics to evaluate the efficiency of a marketing campaign. The formula is plain: 

Total cost spent on marketing program/ Number of Leads coming from the program

For example,  let’s say you have spent $1,000 on a pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement and 50 people were converted into leads.

Cost per Lead = $1,000 / 50 = $20.

PPC Adwords
(per month)
Physical Trade show
(per show)
International Marketing Agency lead generations system
Prospects engaged502501200
Sales opportunities101035+
Total cost5690 eur28453 eur 1500 eur
Cost per sales opportunity590 eur2845 eur 43 eur
Cost per sales
(20% close rate)
2845 eur14227 eur 301 eur

As easily noticed from the numbers in the table PPC Physical trade shows are extremely expensive compared to digital marketing campaigns. Yet, even digital marketing channels differ in the cost per lead acquisition and the social selling lead generation system is far more effective and far less expensive even compared to one of the most commonly used digital marketing channels such as PPC Adwords. The social selling lead generation system is almost impossible to compare to traditional marketing channels or trade shows that cost a few dozen times more. 

Physical tradeshows and traditional marketing channels reach out to a large number of people but have very low quality of target segmentation and as result very blur prospects selection.

AdWords is Google’s PPC advertising platform and main source of revenue. Typically, PPC advertisers use AdWords to bid on the keywords they want to trigger their sponsored ads. … You’ll need to create a list of keywords that you want to bid on, based on their relevance to your business’s offerings.

Basically you pay the search engine to favour you in the result of those who use the keywords that are of your interest in their google search. This like all other automation tools has its flaws and plenty of the spent money is used to reach irrelevant prospects that will never enter your pipeline and become hot leads. 

After the take over of social media in our everyday lives, segmentation and detailed targeting has become much more important and different groups simply use different channels for different purposes. To say it in plain words, people rarely go to facebook for business, they ruther go there for fun. And people rarely go to LinkedIn to waste their time, they use LinkedIn for business and professional development. 

This is good to know when developing a marketing strategy for your company and to understand the mechanisms that work the best for your business. 

International Marketing Agency uses the best tools available combined with wealth of experience and knowledge to craft the perfect package suitable for your business. The lead generation system is the most effective one on the market especially if you are in the Tech industry, digital services or software products. 

The lead generation system that is used in International Marketing Agency engages 24 times more prospects compared to PPC Adwords per month, or 4,8 times more compared to a Physical Trade show.  Compared to the mentioned marketing channels it generates 3,05 times more sales opportunities, and costs 3,8 times less than the PPC Adwords and nearly 19 times less than a Physical Trade show.  The cost per sales opportunity is 13,7 times less than the cost per sale with PPC Adwords or nearly 66 times less than the cost per sale with Physical Trade shows. The ultimate cost per sale , calculated for 20% close rate is 9,4 times lower compared to close per closed sale with PPC Adwords or nearly 47 times the cost for Physical Trade show.