YOU need a B2B LEAD Generation System!

International Marketing Agency helps B2B companies generate leads through a PRECISE, TESTED and PROVEN lead generation system tied with LinkedIn.

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A System that will Generate Predictable Number of Monthly Leads

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Business growth is always tied with revenue. To ensure stable income flow and predictable revenue you need to have established sales process. In order to achieve your sales goals and hit your quotas you need a pipeline of qualified leads.

You need to know TWO THINGS

First: You need to know how to use LinkedInProspect, Generate Leads and fill your Pipeline with opportunities.

Second: You need to know how to sell and increase conversion rate: from Leads to Paying Clients.

… And you need to figure out which tools you need to use, evaluate metrics & results, make them repeatable, and build your own revenue generation system. Or…

... Let US do that for You

You may be asking yourself how we can help and do that for you? In the past year we’ve worked for over 30 clients from the IT industry – SaaS, Service providers, Cloud, Cyber security, Blockchain; Digital agencies; Consulting and Event organizers. We helped them all!


We designed a precise Lead Generation System combining best practices of social selling through LinkedIn, email tools, and CRM integration.

Here's How it's done for you

We’ll work together to define your target market on LinkedIn – decision makers that you want to present your products / services. We’ll create approaching strategy and will start engaging your target market on your behalf; we’ll followup on them until we line up a sales discovery meetings for you.


We’ll make sure to use only tested tools and strategies that bring results and design the system for your business to generate predictable number of leads per month. Our Lead generation specialist will make sure that everything is in place and will guide you through each step of the process; Will help you HOW, WHEN and WHERE to followup, add everything in the CRM and schedule further task for the opportunities they’ll generate for you.

The Result

7 to 10 qualified sales discovery calls per month. Total of 15+ leads per month.


Super targeted network growth, Predictable and consistent number of leads & Increased profile traffic & visibility

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Some of our clients

More Growth Solutions

Social Prospecing

Why Social Prospecting?

- The best platform for prospecting business professionals is LinkedIn;
- To generate leads and grow sales you need to reach to the right people;
- You need market segmentation;
- You need the right volume of prospect;
- We know how to do it right and deliver you a super-targeted list;

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B2B Lead Generation System

Why you need a B2B Lead Generation System for Your business?

- To grow your business you need a strong sales pipeline;
- To have a consistent flow of leads in your pipeline you need a system;
- More leads equals more sales;
- We have proven system that can be custom tailored and deliver predictable results.

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Intelligent Digital Advertising

Why Intelligent Digital Advertising?

- Running paid advertising campaigns on one platform doesn't work;
- Running account based campaigns will reach only to the relevant people;
- Pairing it with re-targeting ads will increase impact and decrease costs;
- Combining with influencer marketing will scale results;
- One strategy doesn't fit all needs, that's why we provide custom made advertising for our B2C and B2B clients.

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