B2B Lead Generation System

B2B Lead Generation System

Running a business in today’s digital landscape is becoming tricky and more expensive than ever. What worked yesterday, tomorrow may be wiped out from existence – completely. You may be generating leads with tools like scrapers, email outreach but one day, because of some regulations they may be turned off.

The world is changing and you must acknowledge the change: Cold calling will not work with the newer generations since they are raised with social media so we must adopt new concepts like social selling.

There is only one thing that never gets old and out of “fashion” – relationship building. Yes, you should always remember that people buy from people whom they trust. People are not robots, they buy with emotions and justify with logic.

We must adopt social media within the lead generation ecosystem and that’s why our B2B Lead Generation System is based on LinkedIn.

Why LinkedIn for B2B lead generation? 

Because it’s a business related social network: It reinforces your professional online reputation, you can generate leads and referrals, you can showcase your business to like-minded people and gather professional feedback and attract talent.

b2b lead generation system

How we use LinkedIn to build a lead generation system for you?


First, we’ll work closely together to define your target market on LinkedIn – decision makers that you want to present your products / services.

We’ll create approaching strategy and will start engaging your target market on your behalf; we’ll followup on them until we line up a sales discovery meetings for you.

We’ll make sure to use only tested strategies that bring results and design the system for your business to generate predictable number of leads per month.

Our Lead generation specialist will make sure that everything is in place and will guide you through each step of the process; Will help you HOW, WHEN and WHERE to followup, add everything in the CRM and schedule further task for the opportunities they’ll generate for you.

Bellow you can see our process illustrated and the precise steps outlined in each service package.

Our Process

Strategy Development

We learn about your product and your ideal customer

Connecting with Prospects

We start sending invites with invite messages

We Followup on Them

We followup on them few times to increase interest

Schedule Meetings

We schedule meetings with warm leads


We put everything in a CRM where you can keep track on every opportunity

Our Service Packages

Service features



Business Pro

Optimizing LinkedIn public profile


Defining target market


Defining approaching strategy


Sending 80 connections manually, daily


Scheduling followups


Daily reports and tips


Booking meetings on client's behalf


Adding leads in CRM and scheduling further tasks


Suggestions for posting strategy


Sharing two relevant posts on LinkedIn weekly


Joining LinkedIn groups weekly and posting


Collecting work emails and sending 4 followups (from accepted invites)


Executing scheduled CRM actions for leads


Consultation on sales cycle improvement


Collecting work emails from non-accepted connections and send 4 followups


Retargeting ads on Google and Facebook


Improving homepage reporting with B2B lead generation script


1st month Leads


2nd month Leads

1515 - 2020 - 25

3rd month Leads

15 - 2020 - 2525 - 30

Three months total


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