Frequently Asked Questions


Can you actually generate Leads for us and grow our revenue?

We have developed revenue generation system that combines omni-channel approach, best lead generation and sales improvement practices which results in predictable monthly results.

How you define the quality of the leads?

All of the prospects that will reply ‘I’m interested’; ‘Let’s speak’ etc. we qualify them as a leads. If they don’t book a meeting instantly on your calendar link that will provide in all outflow messages, we’ll advise you how to book an appointment with those leads. We qualify all the interested people as leads since they are generated from our efforts.

How much leads can you generate for me in 1 month?

To be honest here, it takes time to define the best target market and decision makers you want us to line up more sales discovery meetings on your behalf.

We can guarantee you at least 15+ leads per month after the first 30 days of working with us.

This number mostly depends of your business model; industry; product/service; and target market. We are here to constantly improve the process. We are working on defining the best target; delivering the best message; appointing the best meetings.

How you will find those leads?

That’s what we are best at. We conduct LinkedIn and off-LinkedIn research and market validation. Once we collect and analyze the results, we’ll create approaching strategy with the help of the Sales Navigator on LinkedIn.

With your input, we’ll define target market, decision makers etc.. We will help you to improve and expand your target. When this is done, we’ll start engaging the right people with proper messages. This approach will generate quality leads for your project.

It sounds that I can do this for myself. What is the value of the service?

We are glad that we gave you an idea on how to do it by yourself.

But here are few facts around that – Did you know that most people that are trying to sell some service or product spent two thirds of their time researching and prospecting which leaves them only with one third of their time to actually qualify and generate leads. Where is the closing part, sending proposals?

Most of all, it’s time consuming. Do you have the proper messaging approach to your target market? Do you know how to pitch, present?

Do you know how to set your target properly?

We’ll solve all these problems for you – Find the right people, send the right message, stay consistent with followups and stay on top of every sales task.

You will be released from prospecting and generating leads, so you can focus on the more meaningful part – attending more sales discovery meetings and closing more sales.

Can you guarantee that you will deliver mentioned numbers?

We can definitely guarantee the numbers that we previously mentioned – 15+ leads minimum per month; We have a small army of satisfied customers that  can testify what we are claiming here. Our proven track of results can give you the confidence to believe in us.

What is your previous experience with [Your Industry]?

We’ve worked (and still working) with many companies within the IT service providers sector, SaaS, Consultants, Events organizers, Digital marketing agencies, Online education, Organizations that provide courses and certifications etc.

The numbers, depending on the industry vary from 10 leads per month, 10 leads per week and up to 50 leads per week for the Events industry.

How much involvement will be needed from my end?

When interest is generated from your target market and prospects are willing to learn more or book a call someone needs to respond to those specific questions.

We can fill the part with handling basic objections and leading them to book a meeting. If there is a need of better explanation, you will need to jump in. You will be constantly informed if someone respond positively.

This means, that you need to engage only when a lead comes in. But even here, we’ll follow your step and give you instructions how to book a call easier.

How do I follow-up on prospects?

We got you covered here as well.

First we need more material from your end – brochures, promo videos, product/service specification/features, case studies etc. anything that can help us to learn more about your products/services and value proposition.

Then we’ll create several follow-ups and time frame when these will be send. In those messages, we’ll outline the value of using your products/services. If people see value and outcome, they’ll start to respond and book appointments.

Furthermore, those who are interested; those who will be on pending; we’ll add in your CRM system – your account created for this purpose – schedule further activities. The purpose of the CRM is not losing sight from those who are interested.

Can you help with my personal LinkedIn strategy? (posting; joining groups)

Sure thing.

We have a package that includes: revamping your personal profile, joining relevant groups, posting in them, and posting on your profile with relevant content.

This will help to attract even more people with valuable content and to schedule additional meetings.

Do you use any digital or automation tools?

Yes, we use digital tools in order to make it easier for our Lead Generation Specialists to stay on top of every task for our clients.

Tools that we use: Email, Skype, Slack, Whats App, Hubspot Sales CRM, Drip email tool, Dedicated email server, Cloud storage to stay compliant with data privacy regulations, and LinkedIn’s tools.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Please read our GDPR Compliance Statement and Data Privacy and Cookie Policy. On this link, you can read more about our legal information.

You have more questions how our revenue generation system can work for you?

Book a call to discuss further and see what we can do together.