International Marketing Agency On-boarding process

International Marketing Agency is a partner in your company’s success. In this blog we will be explaining the on-boarding process of familiarizing with the products and services delivered on our behalf, which is as important for you as it is for us. We are keen to meet you and learn about your business journey. 

Sales are hard, we know. We take the pain every day! That is why we can assure you that we will thoroughly understand your troubles and meet them with appropriate solutions. 

Onboarding is like taking the first step into an unknown river, for the first time, with an unknown traveller by your side. But, crossing that river together turns you into friends and, at some points, it might even turn you into best friends if the journey takes you through deeper water and you manage to save each other’s lives. This parallel might be a little dim for you, but we are talking about the onboarding process. It is more than a first date in which both sides tremble upon the shimmering moment where they will have to reveal themselves in front of the other. But it has plenty of similarities. As it is in life, also in business – it is the people that envision it, run it, and make it happen. 

The onboarding process is the process where you examine each other. The client and the company prove to one another that they are worthy of taking that ride together. It is a process of getting to know each other and moving down to the final decisions of how to address the most critical issues, how to solve the problems and how to set goals that are achievable. 

While the onboarding process is taking place, the most important questions must be answered. Those questions include the fears and desires of the client, the client’s vision and his expectations, and the rationalized goals. The other side also has questions that must be cleared during the onboarding process, such as: does the client show credibility and have the assets to meet the work requirements, does the client show potential to use the services and products in the best way possible to achieve the desired outcomes, does the client understand the process and the value of the offered product or service and does he have the right team to meet all the requirements along the way. 

The onboarding process is a very important part of the sales process and although different companies have different ways of conducting it, still, it is a process that will address all the same issues regardless of the format. 

We have a proven onboarding process at International Marketing Agency in order to make sure that we meet the clients needs and that goals and metrics are clearly set. Our onboarding process begins with Research & Acquiring more information for your business and products/services. At this stage, we will ask for all the materials needed from the client in order to learn about their value proposition, and do competitive analysis research in order to understand the details of the industry and challenges surrounding our client so that we can identify the decision makers relevant to our client’s campaign. When this is done, we provide a summary report of our findings. 

The next phase is creating the approach strategy. In this phase we write the messages and e-mails that will be used for our clients campaign. Having this done, we create the shared statistic documents for our client and move on to executing the campaign. If it is needed, we consult our client for certain changes that we advise to be made before starting the campaign, in order to achieve better results. A key account manager will be supervising the whole process while a lead generation specialist will be executing the campaign and updating the client. As a result of the campaign a pipeline is built, connections are established and we position you as an expert in your field. 

When it comes to numbers, this process will result in a minimum of 15 leads per month or 45 qualified leads over three months. 

So, get on board with us!