6 Ways How LinkedIn Can Help You with B2B Sales

linkedin b2b sales and lead generation

LinkedIn represents the most popular social network that is business oriented.  Sales people are the ones that are benefiting big time from this network, because here people are open for discussion regarding some business deal or lancing a new product or service. LinkedIn also helps a lot with generating leads with the help of various services such as Sales Navigator, being one of the most famous out there. There are a lot of ways how LinkedIn can help you with B2B sales. Here are some of them:

Create Spreadsheet of all your LinkedIn accounts

This is really useful for salespeople because when you add someone on LinkedIn you have their email address. By exporting these contacts on spreadsheet, you create a list of possible leads that you can do cold calling in order to present your product or service.

Publish Content on LinkedIn

Business developers and CEO’s often publish business content on LinkedIn and interact with each other. This is one powerful advantage for sales people because:

  1. They use this opportunity to share their thoughts from their professional identity
  2. They can reach their targets immediately
  3. Always try to join in groups that your costumers are members in

LinkedIn prospecting can also be helpful when joining groups that your customers are already in. On that note, sales people can easily start a discussion with them, without sending those so called cold emails. Never over use this way of connecting with your prospects, because joining in too many groups only can hurt your profile and make you seem pushy. That’s why sales people are joining on 2 to maximum 3 groups monthly.

Engage in conversations with your customers

Like we said above, in order to get more information from their customers, sales people join in groups and start a discussion with their potential customers in order to get more information. LinkedIn is the best tool for this option, because it makes it  super easier to connect with the right people at the right time. Engaging with group conversations can be done by few steps:

  1. Share your thoughts on a prospect post
  2. Answer questions
  3. Ask questions or help with something
  4. Promote your product by posting it
  5. Share other people post, because you like it

If you follow these rules and you make a routine out of them, you will definitely get quick results with the help of LinkedIn Groups.

Optimize your profile

With few steps, you can make your account optimized for sales asset. 3 Things you should pay attention:

  1. Your headline
  2. Your current job description
  3. Projects and media

LinkedIn can also design your headline and make it suitable, regarding your work experiences that you have and make it sound more professional.

Search profiles in the industry

LinkedIn has a feature that shows you who visits your profile. So if you are curious, as we are, you visit their profile back and try to get more info about that person, work experience and places. This feature is also very useful for sales people, because instead of sending cold message, if someone visits their profile, they can easily send an introduction message without sounding like a sales person you hear on the phone. But never forget, if you do this, make sure on the privacy settings on LinkedIn that are not set to view other profiles anonymously.

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