How to Use Content Remarketing Campaigns

benefits of using remarketing campaigns

On the internet we are surrounded by various published forms of content marketing such as e-books, blog posts, etc. that help us provide more information’s to our customers. But some of the customers often tend to visit our web page and maybe read some of our content, but in the end, they end up leaving it without trying to get in touch or purchasing something. So the question you should be asking yourself in these situations is how you can get their attention back?

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Content Re-marketing- Basics

Re-Marketing represents the process when your targeted audience, visits your web site, and after that, they are targeted with some form of content marketing in order to get them back on track with the product or service you are offering. In other words, re-marketing represents a second chance to get your costumers attention.

What is Google Display Network?

Google Display Network (GDN) represents one of the largest remarketing networks in the world, which has approximately two million sites (including big companies sites, such as Facebook). Also another famous companies sites here are YouTube and Gmail.

How Re-marketing actually works?

The first thing you need to do, is to get a clear picture of who your targeted audience should be.  That can be done by creating a new re-marketing list in Google AdWords and include or exclude which web site visitors you want or not.

Secondly, what you should do, is to bid more in order to get higher ad positions, so you can attract more visitors on the valuable sections on your web pages.

Another creative strategy you can use here is that you can define your audience categories in Google AdWords based on a different post categories in your blog. Also, you can try one thing called Audience Duration Membership, which is used to follow your visitor with an ad campaign for a limited period of time.

Create top-notch content marketing campaign ads

Here your creativity can be of a great benefit. Creating content marketing campaign ad is a simple process that has few steps you should follow. First you need to choose display ad format from Google Display Network. Then you need to branch out with your ad formats, to diversify them, so you can get your ad placed in better position. Another thing that you should consider, is to put emotions on your campaigns. In order to get the results that you want, you should avoid using boring, informational ads and instead, you should make them unique with the help of the many ad formats you have on display and put emotions on it. That way people will click more on them, and you will probably achieve your target.

As a conclusion, whether you use PPC advertising services, or any other type of marketing for a successful remarketing campaign you need to do your research, you need to know your topic, you have something interesting to share, and probably the most important thing, you need to have the right push, in order to succeed. These days, we can easily agree, that all the investors have become on some note publishers of their product story and the competition game has rich out on a higher level. Also if all this sounds like a bit complicated to you leave us a note. We can help you for sure.