Recent Facebook Updates on Their Advertising Platform

facebook updates power editor

We, as a high-quality B2B demand generation agency, know that the silent war between the tech giants brings us interesting changes and updates in their advertising platforms. It’s not surprising because their main revenue comes from advertising. Today we’ll be covering Facebook their recent upgrade on ‘Power Editor’. New features in ‘Power Editor’:

  • You will have control of your ads in the ‘Account Overview’ tab.
  • Now you can make columns by your measurements,
  • You will know who sees your adverts, what age are they and much more.
  • You can create filters for searching new campaigns.
  • You can have data control over your ads in Power Editor

With these new features, you can also spot differences from ‘Ads Manager’ too. Some filters can’t be transferred to ‘Power Editor’, or maybe some columns can’t be transferred to your Excel file. The other thing is that you can’t have absolute control over the data of age, gender and location in the ‘Account Overview’ like you can in ‘Ads Manager’.

Then, Facebook came up with a new solution for advertising. They converted ‘Ads Manager’ and ‘Power Editor’ as a unique tool that will combine some of the best features of each. This platform is called ‘Ads Manager’. As they say, this will make all the things easier when it comes to advertising. And for those who use Power Editor don’t worry, the only thing that is changed is the name.

Facebook marketers will have the chance to create two workflows in the Ads Manager.

The first option will allow you to create complete campaign. This option will lead you to launch a campaign using ad set and ad creation. When you’ll complete this flow, your campaign, first ad set and first ad, will be drafted and ready to run. This is recommended for the beginners in Facebook ads.

The second flow is for the experienced advertisers. This flow allows you to create a campaign shell. With this shell, you can complete your ad sets and ad creations at a later point. This will allow you to complete steps for your advertising at any time you want. When you select the work flow, your choice will become the default creation work flow each time you click on the create button. If you want to change your default, you can click in the right corner on the ‘Switch to Guided Creation’ option.