How Keyword Research Strategy Evolved in 2017

keyword research strategy

Every time we have a task to do or a job to finish, first what we all do is research. These days, thanks to Google (we are not favoring it), internet search has become very easy. We type some search phrases or keywords for what we are looking for and Google or other search engine give us the proper results. But have you ever wondered how that search engine knows exactly what do you mean when you search for something?

Keyword research is one of the most important tools in digital marketing. The process of doing keyword research is always evolving, so in order to stay ahead, you always need to follow the new trends. Here are 3 things you should keep in mind, in order to be on top of your competition in the digital marketing world.

Know what the user is meaning behind the search phrase

This one can be very crucial. The one thing that marketers always need to do, is to follow the consumers behavior. But many companies have problem with this, especially in the digital marketing world. So now, in 2017, many of them are trying to understand better the user`s behavior and meaning behind some search queries. If you want to rank high on Google or another search engine, what you always need to keep in mind is that, you have to provide content that is of a high quality and that is defying a term or is explaining better the industry or the business.

Long-term phrases are of a great meaning for your keyword research strategy

What do we mean when we say a long-term search keyword or phrase? We mean keyword that consists four or more words. Researchers say that almost 51% of online searches on search engines, has been done by using long-term keywords or phrases, so as you can see, it has a great meaning for SEO strategy; therefore, SEO optimization services are more than useful. But sometimes when you do a long-term research, it does not give you the specific result that you are looking for, so in order to move forward, you need to find out what terms are actually used. There are some free but limited online tools that can help you with this:

  1. Keyword finder has limited daily searches. It can help you with long-term search keywords and also It will show you rankings in daily searches.
  2. is basically like the other one with limited daily searches if you don`t have an account. The only difference is that, when you search for long-term keywords and phrases, it does not show you their rankings.

Researching with the help of Google Voice and Natural Language

These tools have changed the way we do search now in 2017. Researchers say that approximately 20% of mobile users are doing research by using Google Voice and that trend keeps on growing. As far as natural language goes, researchers say that people are using their natural language more and more while doing their research, that has made Google to create answer boxes and Knowledge Graph Panel.

In conclusion, in this modern era where we have a lot of e-businesses, digital marketing and keyword research has become really important in order to answer your consumer`s needs. Like we said in order to be one step ahead of your competition that is growing rapidly, you should always conduct keyword research and follow the ranking of words and phrases that consumers are searching for, and try to answer to their needs. That is how you will be on top of the game.