4 Ways How Digital Marketing can help Auto Dealers

digital marketing can help auto dealers

Sticking to the traditional marketing these days isn’t working out. If you’re not putting the digital marketing tools into your strategies, you’re out of the game. This does not exclude the auto dealers also. Nowadays digital marketing brings twice more money from a sale per car than traditional marketing bringing total profit per vehicle.

Digital marketing brings more money for the auto dealers than traditional marketing channels. And what’s the reason for this? Digital marketing includes a website, social media marketing, email marketing and mobile apps. You can create your own store and show all the products to your customers online. And it’s not just that digital marketing brings more profit per car, it even costs less. If you use the traditional marketing which includes TV ads, radio advertising or billboard, you will pay 10 times more than using the digital marketing tools.

I’m not saying to throw away traditional marketing completely, but to upgrade it with the digital tools, because not reaching today’s digital consumers, dealership industry can face the worst-case scenario and that is losing the market.

But that’s why we’re here, informing and helping to upgrade the latest digital marketing trends. These are the 4 strategies that we offer to all of our auto dealers clients:

  1. Search Engine Optimization

30% of car-buyers instantly go to the search engines when they decide to purchase a car. This is the most important thing why your online visibility must be on a high level. SEO Optimization will guarantee you high spot in the search results and your potential clients will find you easier. Well designed SEO strategy will include a website, quality content, keyword optimization, link building, online reputation management and pay per click campaigns.

  1. Mobile Optimized Size Website

Mobile optimized sites are on the rise. If you’re thinking that your auto dealing firm is immune to mobile, consider that almost 70% of the car-buyers research via mobile when they aim to get their car. If your website is not mobile-friendly for your customer, it’s more likely that they will transfer their sympathies to your competitor. Mobile has never been that important to an increasingly competitive dealership industry.

  1. Email

Nowadays email marketing is a perfect tool for personalization to the dealerships. Car-buyers want emails with content that they prefer. If you provide emails with consumer’s wish list such as style or color of the model they want to buy, they are more likely to click the email and view it.

  1. Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising management is the right tool to increase your online presence and to target your customers with precision. The easiest way to start is on Facebook. There are various demographics like gender, age, income, etc that you can range by. Also with upgrading relevant daily content on your social media accounts, your followers will be more familiar with your product.

You can always drop us a line to discuss further about solutions that can grow your business bottom line.