SEO Optimization Tools and their effect on Google

seo optimization tools

SEO optimization has become what we call a necessary tool in order to get some traffic from Google. Imagine how many people are doing some researches on these search engines we all come to know? There is a study out there that says approximately 3.5 million searches are occurring per minute. So we have to ask ourselves what makes SEO optimization tools special and why do we need them? There are 12 reasons:

1. Page speed

Every website is visited daily by numbers of people, so imagine if the page loads very slow? The answer is nobody will want to waste time in these things, especially potential costumer. The fact is, they will expect the page to load very quickly, if not then you will lose them.

2. User-Interaction

When we open some company web page, we often can notice a small window down below that opens up and says hi, how can I help you? That is called a chatbox and it is an effective SEO optimization tool because It gives your costumers hand to hand experience and offers them help 24/7.

3. Web Page Domain

Web Page Domain is another very important SEO optimization tool. The thing about domains is that very often people are looking short-term on this things and expect fast results, but like every other SEO tool if u want to have a stable domain, you need to put some effort and it will take time but it will eventually pay off in the future.

4. Content Quality

This is the grammar side of SEO. To have a successful written content, u need to check your grammar and spellings. The most important thing about content quality is that it gets the message out there delivered and paint the clear picture without misguiding.

5. Content Length

The length of the content is something that u should be careful, because nobody will want to read more than it should or less than it needs. So to have the right length of your content you should probably check the status of your domain and than decide.

6. Keyword Focus

Keywords are one of the most sensitive SEO tools because it has direct impact on Goolge ranking. Like we said, Google is the most famous search engine, so if you know specifically what are you looking for, Google will give you the results you need. It all depends on the focus keywords / search query you type in.

7. Internet multimedia

There are many types of podcasts, videocast, webinars and etc.. that dominate the internet and spread the message around the world loud and clear. This SEO optimization tool is becoming more popular because google is looking ways to understand the non written word.

8. Engage your content

This SEO tool tells you do people read the whole text or just some paragraphs and gives you an idea what you need to change in order to make them stay.

9. Mobile Responsiveness

There is only one thing that can be said about this SEO optimization tool, if it doesn’t load fast enough or open on mobile phones, then you probably lose costumers.

10. Page Reading Level

If you want to be ranked on the top list on google, you need to have a interesting voice of opinion. In other words, your writing material needs to be on higher level than a high school student.

11. Source Citing

When we write a paragraph we often cite some source. So to improve your SEO, you need to cite every source and use them to support your arguments.

12. Reach Unique Insights

It is very important to reach your own insights and look for them to be unique, because it will show that you worked really hard and you know exactly what you are talking of.

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