LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Without sales businesses cannot survive. It doesn’t really matter how good your service or product is if there isn’t strong sales team to sell it on the already competitive market. That being said, you need to start from the basics, prospecting, qualifying and maintaining strong pipeline.

LinkedIn currently is flooded with business opportunities. Being the best business platform, LinkedIn is allowing us to be connected with other businesses worldwide, for free.

By letting us to enter in the world of LinkedIn, you’ll be delivered with warm leads that will match your business and are ready to buy.

We need to get know each other better.

First, we learn about your business and your goals. It is important to know what is the product/service we are going to offer, what is your target market, your goals, your time limit and your budget. We’ll research within your target market, structure the approach and start reaching decision makers.

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How we do it?


First you need to provide us with your own LinkedIn Sales Navigator account. We will make the account compatible to your business needs. Next, we start  creating communication strategy which includes introducing the lead with your business – outlining the value proposition of your product/service and why they need it.

We also test few scenarios and share the results to you in order to make sure nothing is missing and the message is delivered properly.

Once the story is set, we begin inviting your target audience. The average invitations frequency per day goes from 80-125 people with custom messages. When connected, we proceed with personalized messages, which leads to setting appointments on your behalf. And yes, we do send more than 3 followups.

What you will gain?

You will receive new potential clients already convinced with your professional background. We’ll discover new business opportunities for your business and we’ll collect useful information about you leads. And most important, we’ll flood your inbox with leads and ultimately grow your business bottom line.

Our Process

Strategy Development

We learn about your product and your ideal customer

Connecting with Prospects

We start sending invites with invite messages

We Followup on Them

We followup on them few times to increase interest

Schedule Meetings

We schedule meetings with warm leads


We put everything in a CRM where you can keep track on every opportunity

How can we help you?

We strive for results, excellent service level, dedication and constant improvement. Schedule consultation to speak with someone of our experts to learn how our Sales Prospecting and Lead Generation.


Things we have Done

We are building bridges in web technology in order to connect the client’s goal to reality