How to Generate Leads During the COVID-19 crisis

Use the COVID-19 pandemic time to generate leads for the long run. Sales may be slowing down for the time being, but you still can generate leads that will be your jumpstone when the crisis is over. 

Many businesses are stuck because of the COVID-19 pandemic – not only the retailers. Even though it seems as if the whole economy is on a grand break, frozen or on a pause, and revenue isn’t streaming up as planned, you still can generate leads in this time. Your activity now will pay off later, when things go back to normal.

During this time of staying at home, people will be spending more time on the internet trying to keep their connection to the world outside. They will also have much more free time, eve those who generally have overfilled schedules. All will now have free time on their hands to come back to those desires they have put off for later like enhancing their skill set, finding a webinar or reading. 

Having this in mind this is a great time to connect and build relationships trough lead magnets. Leads do not automatically equal sales, so after using lead magnets you should create a full campaign which includes nurturing strategy so that you ultimately gain customers. Automated emails is a great way to do that.

Everyone who has worked in sales knows that immediate sales almost never happens. Even more if you are in the business of selling products or services that are not bought by impulse. No one expects fast sales from an ad or a campaign. As the information society is straightening, the internet is included in everyday life all the time and people are bombarded with information of all sorts, including ads, the number of touches needed before someone makes a decision to buy is rising. A decade ago 3 exposures to a company  were enough to bring someone to the decision to buy, now that number has risen up to 20. 

Sales funnels are in fact the sales process from the point when someone learns about your business to the point where they make a purchase. What most marketers mean when they are talking about a sales funnel is an automated process triggered by an action on your web site, like playing a quiz, downloading a checklist, or registering for a webinar. 

This clears the fog of the potential prospects and filters those who take action bringing efficiency to the process. You take action only when someone has  made an interaction and here you are with a handful of hot leads to nurture.

You can read more about nurturing leads on this link

Lead magnets – effective way to collect leads

Lead magnets are incentives that offer up a specific reward in exchange for a user’s email address. Here are eight ideas for lead magnets you can use on your own site.

Lead magnets is a term used by marketers to describe content that is used as reward in exchange for a user`s email address. Here are a few well known lead magnets that you can use for your business.

E-book download

While e-book downloads are a tried-and-true method, creating a good e-book is a time-intensive process. Though it doesn’t need to be long, it does need to bring value. E-books that are essentially sales brochures are a no-no, as are fluff pieces that don’t offer any real insights.

E-book downloads are a proven method for collecting leads. The e-book you could create doesn’t have to be long, but it must bring value. Avoid the sales brochures as well as the amateur pieces that don’t bring insights. Have in  mind that creating an e-book is a time-intensive process.

Also, don`t forget that this is the early stage of a customer relationship. Someone who has given you their e-mail address expects to receive a quality e-book, and if you don’t deliver them value you will disappoint them and lose the opportunity to build a good relationship with that prospect. If you don’t have the time to create an e-book that will present all your expertise and clearly identify you as a company or a subject that holds the expected knowledge, choose a different magnet.

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Cheat sheets

Cheat sheets are also a kind of a educational resource, but much more simple compared to an e-book. Cheet sheet is a format that focuses on the “how”-s ruther than the “why”-s. Most common form of cheat sheets are:

  • Step-by-step guides on specific tasks – the “how to” blogs or guides in video or audio formats.
  • Checklists (e.g., all the things you must take care of to ensure your business growth)
  • Collections of tips (e.g., 10 best ways to.. Or 7 secrets to create a stunning campaign..)
  • Templates (e.g., schedule templates, campaign templates, business plan templates etc that anyone can use and customize for their needs)

Gated video

One of the best social media advertising management tools is video, as well as the best type of content with the highest ROI. Also, more than half of users would rather watch a video than read about a product, especially the younger generations. Furthermore, they would rather exchange their email for a video instead of an e-book. Many marketers use this method and offer a minute or two for free to get people hooked and than ask for an email address.

Trial period

Trial periods are a great way to collect leads especially in the B2B part of sales or if you are offering a service or product which is in the luxury category. Trial periods eliminate the fear of risking the prospect might have and also gives you a chance to create an experience for your prospect they will truly want. It opens the door for a good and intense customer relationship that will convert later on. 

Challenge / free mini-course

This one might be the most labor-intensive option on the list, but if done well, it also yields some of the best results.

The idea is to offer a mini-course via daily email lessons. While it sounds daunting, the emails don’t have to be long, and they can leverage existing resources. I’ve put together one of these for a client in which we used existing webinar recordings and blog posts to cobble together a course.

This lead magnet is one of the most labour- intensive types mentioned in this blog, but if you do it well gives the best results. The idea of a mini course is to provide daily mini-lessons for your prospects via email. You can use existing resources such as blogs, webinar recordings, video content that is free to use,  to put this together if you cannot afford to produce your own educational content.Add actionable tips to enhance the engagement. 

Free mini-courses work amazingly well because they build trust over a longer period of time. You should be providing your prospects enough information so that they see they value and start seeing results and nurture them until you have fully bonded.