Avoid Using These Words and Phrases If You Are Working in Sales

Avoid Using These Words and Phrases If You Are Working in Sales

Whichever B2B channel sales you are using, there are some words and phrases that you need to avoid, simply because they carry a negative emotional charge and trigger negative reactions on your prospects side. This is simply a matter of the subconscious reaction of prospect regardless of the field that you operate in, whether it`s a product or a service that you are providing, these are the worst phrases and words that you can use in your communication:


Have you been using this phrase? A lot of people use it. That is exactly the problem. It has been used by so many sales people and it automatically triggers a response that is defensive. When people see it in email or hear it what pops up in their mind is – „Oh, I don`t have time for this!“ or „Oh you want sell something to me? What`s the thing? You didn’t close me last time so here you are now following me up ha?“

This is simply an overused phrase that has risen allergens in people. They react as if they are allergic to the words. So, don`t use these words.

2.„To be HONEST with you.“ or „ TO BE FRANK WITH YOU“

These phrases are one of the worst to use, simply because the minute you say it, it discredits all of your former efforts to establish a direct and deeper connection with your prospect. These phrases are the fastest way to crash your communication on a lower level, misbalancing your position towards closing the sale.

„ Just to be honest with you. This is the best prize we can give you. “
„To be honest with you we don`t give this deal to anybody else.“

So normally after hearing these phrases what comes in your prospects mind are the logical questions: Have you not been honest with me this whole time? Have you been lying to me? Is that what this is? Have you not been upfront with me? Have you not been frank with me this whole time? Is this what this is, clearing your misbehaving with me? Really this whole time? The past hour or two or maybe a few months and NOW you are telling me ,,Ok, let me be honest,,??? It really sound awful, we all agree.
Don’t use these phrases.


When you write or say „Trust me“ in your sales communication, it is an instant reminder that TRUST is not yet given. Practically, you sound like some movie character and this is the real world. Think about it. Why do you say „Trust me“? It`s because you know that your prospect doesn’t trust you, and now he should just because you say so? It makes no sense.

If you are trustworthy, do you have to tell people to trust you? No. Because your actions speak louder than your words. Your ACTIONS will demonstrate your prospect if they should trust you or not.

Do not use these words.


What are you telling with these words? Are you telling your prospect something they already know? Why are you wasting their time telling them things that they know? Your prospect is perfectly aware that he or she hasn’t responded to your efforts to connect and there surely is a reason for that. So what you are doing by using these words is in fact a revival of the resistance they already have in their mind.

It’s very simple, you haven`t heard back from your prospect because he or she doesn’t want to contact. They have been avoiding it for numerous reasons that might be personal or simply because you still haven`t hit the right need or the right amount of value.

So, instead of bringing all that up again, when you contact your prospect, especially the ones who have not converted in the past, don`t make them feel guilty, don`t embarrass them, but ADD VALUE. On every touch point, on every contact with them, always offer something. Offer, offer, offer…. And then, when they are ready to enter into this business relationship with you it will be a no-brainer for them, they are on a well-known ground with you, they will feel safe and ready to take the next step. You are the person that has been around for a long time for them giving them offers and a set of values and you will close your sales with a prospect that is happy to do business with you.

5. Another word CONTRACT. That’s right CONTRACT.

Contract is the most common and very expected word especially if you are offering services. The problem with this word is that it creates a cold feeling. In people’s minds it is associated with a thought of heavy, hard OBLIGATIONS. So when your prospect hears it, most probably it reminds them on the load on their side. This is bringing the whole communication straight down.

What your prospect pictures is some 20 pages document signing his life away. No that is a very dangerous situation for him or her. So, don`t use this word. Much better choice is to say AGREEMENT. Now that sounds much better, doesn’t it? Contract – tension, agreement – calming. It sounds ok. Surely that we can agree on something. Just agree, that is ok, it is improvement of communication, it`s not intimidating, there is no pressure.

Or, another word that has the same meaning and a much casual sound is PAPERWORK. „How about we get the paperwork out of the way?“ See, now that sounds like a friendly discussion. No one likes paper work and it brings the thoughts on the other side of the process, popping up the question of what comes after the paper work. And that is where the important things are right? And everyone knows that paperwork in fact is signing a contract. You are signing the agreement. So, you have cleared the paperwork out of the way, and now you are free to move forward to the real exchange of value: money for service or product.

6. Last word you want to use is WE ARE BETTER THAN_______… fill in the blank.

If you have entered the two way communication with your prospect, meaning you’ve got a response from him, very often comes a question of comparison between you and your competitor. So comes the question why would they choose you over them? What most sales people to is jump into putting down their competitors by using this phrase „We are better than____________ company ABC“, „We are better than him or her“ and then filling in the conversation with detailed comparisons: because we give better service, better products, better care for customers, better benefits and so on.

NO. Don`t do this. It shows a bad picture for you, it paints you as someone who would say anything and everything to get the sales done and it portraits you as a very selfish and proud person with no actual proof of it. What your prospect is thinking is that you are shameless. He knows you want to make the sale and take the commission and that you are shamelessly putting other people and companies down to do that. Even though this may be true, even though you might be the better choice, even though you provide better quality, don`t say it. Remember that there is a reason that your prospect has entered this communication with you and that he or she have not yet chosen the company to engage with. So instead of bragging around like a common uneducated salesman, try to understand their needs and problems better. Ask questions and ask them kindly. In a respectful manner.

For example: Your prospect ask you what makes you better than your competitor, ask if they have talked to this company. Ask what their dilemma is. Find out what is troubling their mind. Lead your prospect through their dilemmas and to their own conclusions.

There is a reason why they are discussing it with you and not your competitor. It means that they have not yet made their decision. Otherwise they would have already gone with them. They have not pulled the trigger yet, they are still thinking, still looking for the solution. And you are trusted with communication, so no need to put your competition down. All you need to do is to demonstrate that you understand their problems and you can give them better solutions to whoever your competitors are. Ask question, don’t brag.

7. One more word to avoid in sales is: BUY.

BUY, Even though people love to buy, they hate to be sold.

Buying – it means giving away money right? Who wants that? No one. What instantly comes to mind to your prospect is the image of releasing money from their accounts. And they really don’t like that idea.

See, they want your service and your product, but you don’t want to take their mind on the bad side of loss of money, but on the good side of benefits from receiving this product or service.

Think of how many time it has happened to yourself to want something but the second you see or hear the word „buy“, it triggers a very loud NO in your mind. No, I don`t want to spend money. No, I don`t want to pay for this. Tension – loss…

Instead, try saying:
„Would you like to take this home with you?“
The answer is: „Sure“ (with a smile).
Or you may say: „Would you like to own this?“
The answer is: „Оh sure.
Try some other questions as well:
Would you like to take advantage of this?
Would you like to move forward?
Of course, who doesn’t like to move forward? Everyone wants to move forward in life. But not buy.

8. Lastly, don’t ever use the phrase SORRY TO BOTHER YOU.

Sorry to bother you? Then why the hell are you bothering me? If you feel so sorry about it, then just don`t bother me in the first place. Why are you wasting my time?

This is a very bad phrase to use, because it puts you in a lower position. The buyer is always in a better position, a position of power. So when it comes to closing sales, the sales person, or the closer is the one who has less power. You must level this up, in order to close the sale. But, in the minute you are apologizing you are lowering your position.

You don’t have to apologize for what you sell, don`t have to apologize what you are bringing to the table. You are making an offer and there is nothing to apologize here for. You are offering them solutions, and that is a good thing, not a bad one.

Your time as a sales person, or as a closer as is as valuable as the prospect`s time. Just because they give you money doesn’t mean that your time is not valuable. They are only buying from you because you can solve their problem. Your product or services helps them overcome the issues they are troubling with. That’s it. It’s a value and money exchange. You are not begging, you are offering.

These phrases and words you should avoid in any sales or closing scenario. Of course, keep yourself updated, because time also has impact on phrases and words that work or are to be avoided in sales scenarios especially if you think of the fast changing global aspects of sales. So, from time to time, check for new finding in the world of sales.

Avoid using these words and phrases if you are working in sales
Whichever sales channel you are using, there are some words and phrases that you need to avoid, simply because they carry a negative emotional charge and trigger negative reactions on your prospects side. This is simply a matter of the subconscious reaction of prospect regardless of the field that you operate in