Your Guide On How to Use Websites like Quora for B2B Lead Generation in 2022

Looking for a unique B2B demand generation agency? IMA will provide you with the best ways to use Quora and similar sites for your B2B lead generation in 2022

We all know that in today’s digital marketing world, leads are one of the crucial aspects of every company to have a successful business, and for SaaS businesses as well. Therefore, B2B SaaS lead generation is something that mustn’t be overlooked.  

That is why it is more than beneficial to hire a high-quality B2B demand generation agency in order to gather the best prospective customers and convert them into loyal buyers. The amount of competition is enormous, and since the market today is global, it is more than challenging to stay competitive. 

Therefore, here we will address a guide on how to use Quora and some other sites for your B2B lead generation strategy in 2022. So let’s not waste any more time and get into it right away. 

Generate Leads on Quora

As mentioned above, first, we will address how to make the most out of your B2B lead generation on Quora before we move on to some similar sites. We will start with one of the crucial aspects, creating a profile.    

Create An Optimized Profile

It is extremely important to create an optimized and well-designed profile since the moment you reply to a potential customer; they will visit your profile and look at what you represent. Of course, the profile has to be exciting and interest the visitors, but it is as crucial for your profile to be optimized in order to move the leads further in the right direction. 

A visitor will first see whether or not you have displayed a past accolade considering your brand on the profile. If you do this, then the reader will immediately see proof of how good your company is and what your level of expertise is. You can include various achievements like credentials, titles you have won, accolades, and other aspects of your success to enhance your authority for visitors seeing your profile. 

Furthermore, maybe the very first thing a visitor sees is your profile image, so it has to be well-structured and friendly. Non-verbal messaging is valuable, and a visitor might leave the profile if they don’t like the image. Also, always remember that your profile is not just a profile, it is a window to your company’s brand, so it has to be on the highest level. 

Engage With the Audience

After you create an excellent profile and you find the most suitable audience, the next step for your B2B SaaS lead generation is to engage with that audience. Since you have already found the most relevant topics, it is important to start answering questions and make some long-thread discussions that will help you engage with the audience and build authority. 

Every time you provide an answer to a question, you are also building trust among the potential customers, and they will appreciate that you have taken the time to answer something that is extremely important for them. 

In essence, three aspects help the building of trust, one is the previously mentioned optimized profile creation, and the other two are to show confidence and expertise. It would be best to show your expertise in the first sentence of your answer and be sure in your response in order to show confidence. Readers will most certainly respect this and see that you know the topic well. 

Looking for a unique B2B demand generation agency? IMA will provide you with the best ways to use Quora and similar sites for your B2B lead generation in 2022

Looking for a unique B2B demand generation agency? IMA will provide you with the best ways to use Quora and similar sites for your B2B lead generation in 2022

Try to Help, Don’t Be ‘’Bossy’’

Another aspect of having a successful B2B SaaS lead generation, or any type of successful lead generation strategy on Quora, is to try to help in the discussion. The worst thing you can do is to be ‘’bossy’’ and act like you know everything. Therefore, you should always avoid writing aggressive replies when you pitch your services and products. 

A much better approach is to create a long-term strategy for the relationship with your potential customers and answer their questions in the best way possible that builds authority and trust even more. Nobody likes a pushy salesperson, and you always have to keep in mind that you are also creating an image of your brand in general when contacting a prospect. 

Generate Leads on Reddit 

Another site where you can generate leads that is similar to Quora is Reddit. It is fair to say that the tips for Quora can also be used on Reddit, but there are some different aspects you should use in order to have a successful B2B SaaS lead generation strategy on this platform. 

Use the Powerful AMA Section

One of the most efficient sections of Reddit is AMA, which stands for ‘’Ask Me Anything’’. You can use it to mention your company in a natural way since Redditors adore this feature because it always provides some useful information. What is even better is that it does not matter whether you have a big business or not; the Reddit audience will for sure want to ask you some questions about your services and products. 

So, the most significant advantage of AMA on Reddit is that it allows you to build a strong connection with potential customers in the right way, and you can influence them to buy something in an easier way. Another proof that shows how effective AMA can be is the fact that Elon Musk has used it to engage with people from all over the globe, and he is one of the most successful business owners ever. 

Create An Interesting Multireddit

It is important to join an appropriate subreddit, which is a board mainly used for a specific topic, but it can be even more beneficial to create an interesting multireddit. 

A multireddit can be a list of subreddits for which you need to have quick access to, and let’s say you subscribed to three subreddits on the same topic; a multireddit would be to group them together and see them at once. 

This can be beneficial for a B2B SaaS lead generation because by creating it, you have the chance to track and find conversations easily instead of going to every single subreddit. Also, you will not have to visit every subreddit searching for a keyword since you can use the multireddit to check every mention of that keyword. Yes, this is another advantage of Reddit; you can target different keywords while establishing various objectives. 

Looking for a unique B2B demand generation agency? IMA will provide you with the best ways to use Quora and similar sites for your B2B lead generation in 2022

Looking for a unique B2B demand generation agency? IMA will provide you with the best ways to use Quora and similar sites for your B2B lead generation in 2022

Generate Leads on Product Hunt

Last but not least, you can also use a site like Product Hunt for your B2B SaaS lead generation strategy and to generate leads the best possible way. 

It is a site where you can find prospective customers who love new products and are enthusiastic about the newest apps, sites, projects, and other services and products. Since more or less all the tips mentioned above can be helpful here as well, we will provide you with one of the most critical aspects that can be beneficial when present on Product Hunt. 

Use A Landing Page

An excellent move is to use a landing page that has all the necessary information, from the product’s name to all the benefits it provides for the visitor to understand what your business is all about. 

With Product Hunt Ship, you can make a great landing page within minutes. The best thing about having such a landing page is that every subscriber will help you in generating leads since they will spread the word within the community or everywhere else. 

Furthermore, it is excellent for visibility; even though you can share only up to 60 characters per purchase, you can be creative, and since people like to have more info before they subscribe, it is good to provide a site link. You can get two benefits from this; you can attract new potential customers and also showcase your services and products, offering a possibility to the visitor to sign up. 

Boost Your Traffic Even More

Another reason why Product Hunt is a good option is that even if you have validated demand, it can still help you even more, to attract new potential customers for your services and products. 

The best way to do this is to create a good launch on this site, and you can get even more than 20,000 views in only a few days. In addition, if you use this the smart way with a well-created funnel, you can convert some of those prospective visitors into loyal customers. It is a unique opportunity that you should most certainly take into consideration. 

To Sum It All Up

Here you have your ultimate guide on using Quora and some other sites for a successful B2B lead generation in 2022. Leads are more than important, and they are the fuel that pushes your company to become better and better throughout the years. 

As you can see, these types of tactics can be highly effective and helpful for your company’s business. So, don’t waste any more time and start using these tips to improve your business and gather more and more new customers that will buy your services and products!  

What is B2B lead generation?

B2B lead generation is the process of recognizing the perfect customers for your services and products, and attracting them to purchase.

How can leads be generated?

Some of the most popular ways to generate leads are through answering questions on Q&A sites like Quora, blog posts, coupons, online content,job applications, live events, etc.

What will the future of lead generation be?

The future of an effective lead generation will be a personal touch since we have artificial intelligence everywhere, so potential buyers will want a more personal touch and more direct communication.

How to increase sales in 2022?

The best ways to increase sales in 2022 is to use a personalized strategy, listen to your prospects, free info, organic SEO traffic, prioritize relationship selling, etc.