Why advertise on Snapchat?

why advertise on snapchat

Snapchat is one of most used social media marketing tools in the new digital era. This is the app that creates those images of people with dog faces, little white ghosts with yellow background, videos that last no more than 10 seconds, filtered pictures and etc. One research conducted by Cornell University suggests that Snapchat changes the way users interact with each other and disclose self information. Snapchat is also used for business purposes, especially for marketing, when some companies place their brand in the messaging in Discover Content or in between Snapchat Stories, and users are encouraged to promote their brand by posting pictures.

There are many types of Snapchat Ads that are used these days. Here we will discuss about the most popular ones, so you will get the picture:

  1. Snap Ads

Snap Ads are those video ads that last 10 seconds and their purpose is to provide more information by simply swiping up the ad.

The information is usually content that deeply describes the product we are promoting. Sometimes it can also be in video format, which is another great way to deliver your message to your targeted audience.

  1. Sponsored Lenses

Have you seen pictures of people with puppy dog ears, or rainbow on their head, or maybe a short video of dancing animation? Those are the famous lenses that make Snapchat a unique app on the market.

  1. Sponsored Geofilters

Geofilter is a geographical display on your Snaps that shows your location and it is something that most users are using to show what they are up to on Snapchat. On average, snapchaters are viewing approximately 1 billion filters per day, and a National Sponsored Geofilter can reach about 40-60 % of your targeted audience.

  1. On-demand Geofilters

These filters are one of newest and maybe the coolest thing on Snapchat right now. Basically, what you do is – you pick a theme for your filter, add personal flair with text or use Bitmojies and stickers. When you are finished with that, you can choose the location and time when it should appear and it will last for about 90 days. It is a creative way for you to promote your business or event.

  1. Snap to Unlock

When you are checking a billboard, or an ad, or a recipe, sometimes you can see a small Snapcode. This is a new way of connecting users with products. When you see a snapcode, you scan it with Snapchat and you can see more information about the product that is advertised.

why advertise on snapchat

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How to advertise on Snapchat

Self-Serve Snapchat Ads

On-demand Geofilters

This form of advertising, whether you use a Snapchat template or you customize it yourself, is probably the most effective one that companies are using to reach costumers, from marketing point of view. The cost is as little as 5$, but the price increases depending on the amount of territory you want to cover and the amount of time you want this filter to be available. The greatest thing about this filter is that, cities, universities, libraries, and other public locations can create free community Geofilters.

Snapchat Ads Manager

This ads Manager became official in June 2017, when Snapchat lunched a new platform that allows businesses to buy video Snap ads without going through Snapchat. This Manager helps Snap advertisers to create, edit, customize, optimize and manage campagnas. On the plus side, this ads manager is easy to use. Companies simply have to sign in and this tool is free to use, except for the advertising costs which can be paid with a credit card. On the mobile dashboard, advertisers can preview ads, track performance, edit and pause campagnas and etc.

And finally, Snap Publisher gives the advertisers the opportunity to import brand assets in Snapchat ads, convert horizontal videos into vertical ones so they can be mobile responsive, use different templates for different campaign objectives, add motion to static images, A/B test ads, and purchase ads through Ad manager with a single click.

Snapchat Ads can be placed through Snapchat or a Partner

Snapchat has great advertising tools. Here are the primary two you should consider:

  1. Work directly with Snapchat

Working directly with Snapchat can be a simple experience because, while you create your ads, you will get access to the creative team that designs the brand`s consumers products and connect with them on their website.

  1. Work with Snapchat Partners

Snapchat works with two kinds of partners, which helps business or brands develop Snapchat ads and place them on the network. The first kind – Ads Partners, are responsible for developing Sponsored Geofilters and Lenses, and the second – Creative Partners, develop campaigns. In 2016 the cost for the Sponsored Lenses was $600,000-$750,000 per day, but now the price has dropped to around $330,000. Additionally, Snapchat has introduced “goal based bidding”, which means that advertisers can pay per swipe rather than view.

Snapchat ad Targeting

Snapchat categorizes users based on what they care about, buy, and watch, as well as where they go. On that note, advertisers can divide users further by their age, location, device, household income, parental status and more. In addition to targeting by age, Snapchat also offers in depth targeting options:

  • Snap Audience Match: Targets users by their email addresses and mobile devices IDs;
  • Snapchat Lifestyle Categories: Targets users based on the content they engage with on Snapchat;
  • Lookalikes: Targets users similar to the ones that are already users of a brand.

Snapchat ad Tips and Examples

Snapchat, as an app which is fun and easy to use, offers many ways of advertising. Here are a few tips that can help you with creating your perfect ad:

Pay attention to the content and make it more fun

This is the first thing you should know about creating your perfect Snapchat ad. Since Snapchat is an interactive medium, users are using lenses and filters to create more fun and sharable Snaps. If your ad embraces these experiences, then you have the best chance to get the attention of the Snap chatters.

Use the most popular lenses and filters

Users are always looking for the newest and most fun snapchat filters and lenses, so the best thing you can do here is create your own lens or filter (make it interesting of course), and after that, snapchatters will start to take selfies and post pictures on every social media. In this way, they will do the advertising for you.

Short and Snappy will catch the users attention

Snapchat videos have maximum 10 seconds runtime, so when you create your ad the company will provide you with an offer message on the third second runtime. Because of this short timeframe, Snapchat recommends establishing so called “brand moment” that will maximize awareness and catch viewers attention right on.

If you decide to use a more visual and interesting way to advertise your brand like Snapchat, be sure to check their web page and look for the ads section. That way, you will know exactly what you can do, and how to implement that marketing strategy in the best possible way to get the results you are striving for. Or you can always delegate the job to us, click here to find out more.