What can you do to save and improve your business in times like these

what to do in times of corona-virus pandemic

News is all over and analysis heats up and the COVID-19 pandemia is taking over the world. On a business level, there seems to be plenty of shifts and changes. Media write about the impacts of the pandemia on business, on the flow of goods, people and revenue. And as always in crisis, there are two sides of the coin, or to paraphrase it in the well known quote ,, the optimist built the airplane, and the pessimist built the parashoot,, So, many of us are thinking what to do now when we are thrown out of our comfort zones as individuals and as businesses. As you have probably so far collected information about the different impacts of the pandemia on different economic sectors, we may all assume the forthcoming resolution of the trends. And while some sectors will be harshly changed, some will expand as the demand for their services grows. So, if you are in the telecommunications sector, or on the digital side of business, you are on the better side. This goes true for e-commerce and cashless payments as well.

So, regardless of whether you are on the waning side of the economy or on the rising side, it is time to pull down the breaks and while you may be trapped at home, rethink, recreate and pay attention to immediate shifts and respond to the change the best way you can. It is time to innovate, to come up with intelligent solutions and move forward with your mind. 

What can you do to save and improve your business in the time of corona-virus pandemic?

Explore new opportunities 

This is a good time to do online research, as you will have more available time at home.To explore the opportunities, make revision on the past decisions, and come up with some new ideas. So, don’t despair in front of your monitor, use it to gather valuable information, do the reading, do the thinking. Use the search engines for whatever is troubling your business, some solutions might come up. If you are in the digital business, this is a great time to try out all those plugins, add-ons, software and features you have been putting off for later for so long. It is a great time to read all those articles and blogs, like this one, that you had no time to read. So take advantage of staying home. 

Network within your circle and maybe expand it

Again, staying at home doesn’t mean getting disconnected. This is a good time to reconnect. Yes, with everyone that you wanted to connect with. Your old friends, your busy friends and your distant collaborators. It is also a good time to acquire new connections of common interest, engage in the digital community. So, why not use this time to participate in all those discussions in LinkedIn groups, use LinkedIn for sales prospecting if you can, discuss your partner’s blogs and posts, on any topic that might concern you at this time. Exchange ideas, be part of the wider community and stay connected, your business will thank you later for it. 

Do the lame work

Yes, do the lame work. Clean your desktop, organize and put in order your files and folders, do all the updates that take time, you have time at home now to do all that, so just get it done.

So, the COVID-19 pandemia might be a bad time for many, but it also may be a good chance to do all the things that you were too busy to do. So, keep your eyes on the chances, on the values it gives you and be the real winner when it comes to your business.