Lead generation for tech start-ups

Lead generation for thech start ups

A new beginning. Chasing the dream and the promise. Being drawn into the creative vision of starting a company or launching a product. The life force emerging inside you and you are ready to take the first step in conquering the world. You have gone through such the dull work of the papers, establishing the cold administrative world for you decision to take that baby on the road to success. And you have done so much, you have a carefully developed product, your software is better than all the others, you have an offer that is perfect for so many companies, it will help them feel safer, perform better or move on to the next level. It is your life energy at its best in this SaaS product or in the cyber security service you are offering. All your bliss has landed into your patented idea, you have 3 kids and, don`t tell your family, but we know that the 4th child secretly in fact is your business. 

Running a business is the most exciting, most beautiful, most risky and probably the hardest thing you may do in your lifetime. Eve though, most start-ups are truly the most beautiful fruit of one’s creativity and genius, and their owners are very talented and skilled people, their products are the cream of the industry and is the brightest achievement of the human trinity of body, mind and spirit, we all know that accelerating a start-up is hard as running a triple marathon without snickers. Also besides that fact that most start-up owners are skilled in many things, they are skilled programmers, skilled network engineers, skilled hackers maybe or are genius thinkers and problem solvers of different kinds, yet not so many of them are skilled in selling the product. Exactly what business is. The exchange of money for a product or a service – sales. Sales and business development are a whole new game for many start-up and market penetration is one of the hardest things to achieve on market even for the big sharks with millions of invested dollars in launching campaigns and product development, in research and brand awareness campaigns. 

Lead generation is the best way to overcome this obstacle and you can hire a demand generation marketing company like International Marketing Agency to do this for you and accelerate the process by hiring skilled professionals to do the market research, the targeting, create and execute campaign for your business and deliver you the best results for the invested money. Avoid the vain and blurry investments in expensive brand awareness campaigns and invest in the direct sales process that will get your business the meetings and closing deals that your business needs. 

Lead generation programs as marketing concepts have the highest ROI there is available at this moment. It is the secret weapon of many successful companies. 

Many start-ups struggle with the capacity to answer the demand on the market and to find the right balance between the engaged human resources – the number of employees and the goals they have set up to achieve. In this struggle sometimes occurs a time lack gap and the task management gets a little rough. The goals you have set for your business needs a lot of work to achieve and not always your business has all the people it needs on the pay list. This is normal and should not disturb you. Business growth does not happen overnight. There are many stages that your business will live through before becoming a steady gravitational force in your field. Accelerating your business and taking it to the next level in becoming a successful company needs a continuous sales program and closing deals that bring in money. 

International Marketing Agency has lead generation and business growth solutions that will give your business exactly what it needs. We create custom solutions designed to fit your business. We will develop the right program for your unique business needs and deliver results. 

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