Have you ever been selling?

Have you ever been selling?

Have you ever been selling before or is this your first time? If it is.. Get ready to be burned, rejected, get used to hearing a lot of ,,no,, and set aside some stamina for reality facing. 

Selling is a tough game and besides the technical tools, the regular excel sheets with the opportunity costs, the time tables and all the other tables filled with numbers measuring the ROI, the investment, the spent money etc.. there is a side of it that is rarely learned in courses and is highly important to you as a CEO, whether it’s part of the PPC management, or management in general, a representative or another role involved in selling. That important side is personal growth and psychology of selling. 

Personally, I have been on plenty of trainings for the psychological impact of selling and it all differs from mentor to mentor, but what is always a part of this process of becoming a sales leader is persistence, immunity to negative reactions and growing into a person that is at peace with selling., just to mention a few aspects of this process of painfull change that if you are a first timer you must grow through. 

Being at peace with selling – what is that? Selling is stressful. It has personality and character stress and it has outworld stress. I`m trying to say that stress comes from two sides – one your own personal beliefs breaking and the outer sources coming from market reaction, time pressures or the people you meet. This is important to know – because at most times you`ll have to manage these simultaneously. Many people for example say that receiving large amounts of money or any money for the first time is stressful. This is connected to the inside perception of the value exchange. Also… many people before getting into sales are unaware that sales brings a lot of contact with many people. Cold contacts. 

Selling is like riding. Like all other professions you can do it slow and detail oriented to perfection or you can accelerate and lose some control. In the first case you will avoid bumbings or choose to drive a bike and set the risk level on bumping into a walking person, or you can get on a motorbike, speed up and raise the risk of bumping into some car. You can choose to get into a car and raise the speed to maximum, exceed the speed limit and expose yourself on a car accident. 

Many of these choices depend on your budget, your readiness to use certain tools and your skills. 

Similar to that is sales. You must set the speed on your level and as you already know… your character and skills are built with experience. 

If you are a first timer getting into sales, you may also have to overcome another common psychological backdraw or the inside breaks. That is getting up every morning and winning over that part of your mind that is scared to get outside to go selling. This part of your mind is offended, insulted that you have to go and ask people to pay attention to you, to ask them for their time and money. Is it because at the back of your mind you doubt your product and services? Don`t worry about this. Doubt is an often bad companion for many. It might be because of your awareness of the flaws of your product and services… that is because you know them the best and might forget that the other competitors also have flaws you just don`t hold them that much in your mind. 

First time sellers, welcome on board! You will be insulted, hated, exposed to jealousy, exposed to failure, exposed to losses, exposed to bad moods and rejections you even may come across to bad language and vulgar people, you will meet people who have bad days, bad characters, greedy, suspicious backgrounds, scary people and you may even come across extreme cases of bumping into seriously dangerous people. 

You will also meet beautiful people, you will meet successful people, make friends like at no other place and learn how to fish for yourself and you will be a much more mature person after sales. 

If you are a first time seller, we strongly recommend that you take some form of education, a course or a mentor. Our recommendation is that you take classes or a mentoring path, since this is a much more fruitful way to go and it will bring you exactly what you need for personal growth at you stage and the chance to  address those most important side of your own training at the moment.