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International Marketing Agency was built from the ground up in Macedonia. We are local to the Balkans area and New Jersey but with presence remotely throughout the globe. With our global presence we can put our hands on any project, at any time zone, anywhere.

We understand that any business has its own strengths, culture and vision. That’s why we fully integrate within your company, learn about your products and services and sell on the market like as we own them. Don’t get us wrong, we do not sell it as ours, we sell ourselves as a part of your company.

In our core is helping small companies because we know how hard is to hustle on the market and get your products in front of the right people. In order to achieve all that we utilize technology, choose the right tools and bring the market at your doorstep without the ridiculous price tag.

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We want you to be successful so we can grow faster because if you are growing, we are growing too.

Another important thing that should be known for us is that if we do not think we can kick butt for you, we’ll be upfront about that and won’t just blow your budget with zero return!

If you need help building your idea, increase ROI from your digital marketing campaigns or increase sales and hit sales quotas fast, then we are the right business partner you should choose. Either that is building an online presence with modern website, eCommerce, affiliate marketing, SEO optimization or sales prospecting, we got you covered. Our services are tailored to cover everything a small business needs.

Grow, change and evolve.

Your business depends on how fast you change and adapt on the market place where you operate. Ultimately, if you choose us as your business partner that’s our responsibility too. That’s why we are here to follow every step you take as a business and provide you a unique solution for it.

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